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Information Hub


With this information hub, we strive to provide members with relevant information to keep them informed about current trends and challenges affecting the travel industry. 

  • Cyber Attacks: The Time to Act is Now
    Cyber attacks and dareaches in Australia are on the rise, with statistics showing a 13% increase in cybercrime reports to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) in the 2020-21 financial year, comparedta b to the previous financial year. This article explains the types of cyber insurance and best practice risk management procedures.
  • Cover yourself: Why keeping records matters
    Communicating via telephone and in person is an essential part of a travel agent’s role. But the importance of documenting client instructions, discussions and negotiations of all types in writing cannot be overstressed. But too often, travel agents are blamed when things go wrong, and sometimes they do not have these communications recorded or confirmed in writing. So from an insurance point of view, where do you stand and what is best practice?