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About Us


The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is the peak industry body that represents the interests of travel professionals and businesses. Founded in 1957 as the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), ATIA seeks to enhance the professionalism of travel professionals through:

  • the effective representation in industry and government affairs
  • facilitating changes to education and training curriculum, 
  • providing business support through professional advice and services, and
  • administration of the national travel accreditation scheme, ATAS

ATIA's role within the travel and tourism industry involves addressing major issues relating to the operation of all travel businesses in Australia, at both a State and Federal level. ATIA prides itself on being the industry watchdog that ensures the viewpoint of the agent is well represented in the media and effectively advocated for through lobbying activities.

Our mission is to enhance the professionalism of our members through their effective representation in industry and government affairs, education and training and by identifying and satisfying the needs of the travelling public.

Aside from playing an instrumental role in both Australian and global policy and promotion, ATIA also provides of a diverse range of member benefits including financial, legal, marketing, accounting, education and training.

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ATIA's Key Industry Focus

Lobbying Government

Monitoring Government regulation of the industry and lobbying when required.

Monitoring licensing regulations and legislation changes and lobbying when required.

Matters involving the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) and its role in regulating the industry.

Maintenance and negotiation of the Industrial Award affecting industry employees.

Lobbying on behalf of the travel & tourism industry across any areas which may have an adverse outcome for businesses.

Industry Collaboration

We work collaboratively with organisations and industry associations in order to secure the position of travel professionals and businesses, including;

  • IATA / ATEC and CATO

  • Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA)

  • Tourism Transport Forum (TTF)

  • Negotiation on behalf of the industry where necessary with major suppliers

  • Involvement in major changes affecting the industry such as major GDS changes, industry systems and procedures

Industry Promotion

Promotion of tourism with a focus and emphasis on outbound and domestic tourism.

Hosting the annual National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA), recognising the achievements of those within the industry.

Involvement in global councils that make decisions that affect the operations of travel agents in Australia to ensure the Australian agent position is protected.


Advice to members regarding Industrial Relations and Human Resources law.

Advice to members involving resolution of difficulties with clients and suppliers. 

Providing a mediation service for members between the member and clients (where necessary) in order to avoid litigation of Fair Trading hearings.

Education and Training

Develops and sells a complete set of nationally accredited and industry-relevant training modules for Certificate III in Travel to end-users including AFTA colleges, other private colleges, universities, TAFE, schools, individual learners (through AFTA External Studies Program), and travel industry partners.

Facilitating the Australian Travel Professionals Program (ATPP) the leading industry Professional Accreditation Program, promoting professionalism through continued education and training.

Forging the Workforce Futures Skills Advisor Network, offering skilled and qualified advisors will work with your business to identify and respond to specific workforce needs whilst offering support and mentoring.

ATAS Accreditation Scheme

Governing body responsible for the administration and ongoing marketing of the Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS).