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ATAS Business Planning & Advisory Service


After consultation with industry we have identified that very few small businesses have a formal business plan in place. Statistics show that having a clear direction is critical for business success and growth.

ATIA recognises this and has established the ATAS Business Planning & Advisory Service to help you!

This new service, which is run for ATAS by Your Way Vision and Business Planning, is available to all  ATAS participants is designed to help you in the creation of both business strategy and business planning.

Our advisory service is also available for those members who already have a business plan in place but may need assistance with one aspect or area within your business plan that needs attention. Both options are provided through a one-on-one tailored service.


Business planning is for everyone, whether you're a newly opened travel agency or you've been operating for many years.

A detailed business plan will form the backbone of your business success and influence your day-to-day operations.

Why do I need a Business Plan?

  • Align both your own and your businesses goals
  • Provides purpose as to ‘why’ you open your doors each week
  • Sets priorities for the use of limited resources within the business
  • Allows a business to be proactive rather than reactive to industry changes
  • Where relevant, it paves the way forward when outlining an exit strategy when you are thinking about selling the business.

You may have an existing business plan but feel you need specialist advice or re-forecasting on one particular area of your business plan.  We also offer our business advice service to assist you in planning a strategy for that particular issue where we work with you on our hourly rate.

Specialist Advice may include; 

  • Income related which might include yield, a desire for growth or to reverse a falling income.
  • Expenditure, do you need to cut costs or just to ensure that you are spending your funds in the most efficient way.
  • Staff related which could cover dealing with under-performing staff, looking at training options to make them more productive, ensuring they cover their seat cost, etc.
  • Maximising use of technology
  • Writing submissions
  • Sale of the business
  • And more... just ask, we are more than happy to assist

Given that most travel businesses are owner operated, the initial consultation (generally between 2-3 hours) will work with you to outline your personal goals including desired lifestyle, family and financial needs. This then allows us to determine the outcomes you need from the business to meet these goals.

From here we can start to map out a business plan that ensures the business outcomes are aligned to your personal goals. So a plan for someone who just wants a sustainable 2 or 3 person agency will be quite different to one where the owner is looking for significant growth or who owns multiple locations.

Having set the required outcomes from the business, we can work with you to create a business plan that delivers these outcomes. Key to this is a series of Action Plans to deliver the outcomes. Action Plans will normally be set for each quarter and always look a year ahead.

The Action Plans will have a focus on revenue and yield, where on-going and extra revenue is derived and what actions are required to generate this income including the use of social media and marketing via traditional channels.

NB: Home Based Consultants – As a home based consultant we will work with you in a slightly different manner as we recognise that your operation is very different to a bricks and mortar agency.

We work on an hourly basis and after our first discussions will indicate the sorts of actions that need to be taken, what we can do (and approximately how much time we would need to spend on this) and what you should do.

You can then decide if you need more help from us or if you feel you can go it alone – so we give you as much or as little help as you need.


Hourly Rate - $180 (ex GST)


Call us today for an obligation free initial assessment of how we can help you.

Tim Poulter
Your Way Vision and Business Planning

Phone: 0402 987 421 or 02 9953 5036