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ATIA Advocacy


For over 60 years ATIA has championed the role of Australian travel businesses to Governments


ATIA represent the interests of its members and lobby all relevant government, media and industry forums (i.e. IATA, insurance and consumer affairs bodies). ATIA continues to advocate to ensure the strengthening of ATAS as a self-regulatory model, enhancement of traveller pathways and improving the awareness of the importance of outbound international travel.

This provides benefit to all stakeholders in the value-chain through a synergistic approach to representing the right members, charging the right fees, and providing the right services.

Our advocacy objectives are as follows:

  • Continue the industry regulatory model which champions ATAS
  • Support the growth of ATAS Accredited Travel businesses for the benefit of Australian travellers
  • Ensure our sector continues to be a employer that provides meaningful employment for all positions to foster long term and meaningful careers
  • Increase the effectiveness of government services that facilitate and promote leisure and corporate travel by Australians