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Schedule Of Fees


ATAS participation is subject to an annual subscription fee and based on an entity's 'Total Transaction Value' or TTV, as per the category levels indicated below. 

ATAS Accreditation annual fees:

1   Less than $1 million  $1,100  $1,210
2   $1m - $2.5 million  $1,250  $1,375
3   $2.5m - $5 million  $1,500  $1,650
4   $5m - $10 million  $2,000  $2,200
5   $10m - $100 million  $3,000  $3,300
6   $100m - $250 million  $7,500  $8,250
  $250m - $1 billion  $12,000  $13,200
8   $1 billion +  TBC  TBA
    Additional Locations  $400  $440
    New Application Fee  $250  $275
   Overdue Renewal Fee  $100  $110








  • The above fees are effective from 23 March 2022.
  • The membership year for all members is for the period 1 April to 31 March annually.
  • All fees above are for 12 months.  If you join throughout the year, your fee will be prorated to the membership year.
  • Total Transaction Value (TTV) equals the gross total annual turnover of the entity.  If your entity has multiple office selling locations then the TTV is the gross total annual turnover of all locations under that single entity's ABN.
  • Additional locations must be under the same ABN of the ATAS accredited entity.
  • A fee of $275 incl. gst applies to all new applications submitted and payment is required prior to the application being assessed. This fee is in addition to the membership fees due upon approval of the application. Payment of the fee does not automatically guarantee the application being approved and is non-refundable in the instance that the application is declined.
  • Note: If you belong to a network or group, you may be eligible for a discount or subsidised rate on your annual fee.  Contact us to find out more - 02 9287 9900.