About NTIA Nominations

  1. What is the nomination process?
    This year, we are accepting peer nominations only. The nominator can be any travel professional employed within the Australian travel industry. Please click through any of the nomination forms below and follow the instructions to submit your nomination.
  2. How many nominations do I need to participate in NTIA?
    Only one nomination is required to participate in NTIA. Supplementary nominations will be deemed invalid and will not count towards your score in any way.
  3. When do nominations close?
    NTIA nominations have been extended and will now close 5pm AEST, Wednesday 05 June 2024. 
  4. When will I be advised of a peer-nomination?
    You will be contacted via email in June, to confirm your eligibility and acceptance into the stated category. You will also be asked to accept or decline the nomination. 
  5. If I have been nominated, do I need to provide a submission?
    Depending on the category, you will either need to provide a video submission, written submission, or company profile. Click here for an overview of the different award processes. 
  6. When will nominees be announced?
    Once you have completed your submission, you will be recognised as a nominee. Nominees will be announced in mid-July for voted categories and in mid-August for judged categories. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at