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Record-high ATAS accreditation renewals

The accreditation milestone was released following the most recent meeting of the ATAS Advisory Committee (AAC).  The AAC is chaired by David Walker and co-chaired by Scott Darlow.  Other volunteer members are Deb Fox, Ken Morgan, Steve Hui, Gina Norman, Chad Carey, Brett Mitchell, Brett Dann, and Lauren Gray.  ATIA Director David Smith, ATIA CEO Dean Long, and ATIA Compliance Manager Nina Hedges also attended the March meeting.

The role of the AAC is to work with ATIA to ensure ATAS is celebrated for its role as a beacon of trust and excellence within the travel industry and for consumers.

About ATAS

ATAS, the Travel Sector’s prestigious accreditation program, is pivotal in distinguishing exemplary travel businesses that meet and exceed the highest industry benchmarks.  Accreditation under ATAS is contingent upon stringent criteria, including an in-depth analysis of business models, compliance with Australian Consumer Law, indemnity insurance verification, workforce qualification standards, annual financial reviews, daily director checks, and a robust consumer complaints program.


“During our March AAC meeting, in addition to the major focus on addressing the non-economic loss High Court precedent, the committee engaged deeply with topics such as the effectiveness of participant compliance, innovations to bolster ATAS’s robustness, and the proficient management of consumer complaints.  Notably, the significant increase in accreditation renewals ahead of previous years signals the industry’s growing recognition of ATAS as the benchmark for excellence in travel services.”

“Our latest AAC meeting reinforced our shared commitment to propelling the industry forward, ensuring ATAS remains the gold standard for travel accreditation.”


The record-high renewal rates for ATAS accreditation underscore the travel industry’s strong belief in the value and integrity of ATAS.  ATIA appreciates the ongoing dedication of our AAC members whose expert insights continue to advance ATAS at an operational level and build its reputation as the hallmark of trusted travel businesses.”

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