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ATIA Welcomes Government’s Fast-Track Passport Announcement

The introduction of expedited passport services will commence on 1 July 2024, allowing applications to be processed within five business days for an additional fee.  This initiative is anticipated to streamline travel for Australians, enhance international mobility, and boost the travel industry’s recovery post-pandemic.


“We are thrilled by the Government’s decision to fast-track passport processing.  This reflects our close relationship and ongoing work with the Australian Passport Office and Government.”

“Starting in July, passports can be processed within five business days for an additional fee of $100.  This offers a great option for travellers seeking more certainty in receiving their passports, without needing the two-day expedited service, which will soon cost nearly $300.”

“It’s also an opportunity to share with clients that, on 1 July, passport fees have an additional 15% increase, so anyone who is looking to renew this year should do so before then.”

“On the small-business front, there are several supportive measures.  Eligible small businesses will benefit from a $325 reduction in their electricity bills over the year.  The $20,000 instant asset write-off has been extended, and additional funding has been allocated to programs providing free financial and well-being support for small business owners.  In terms of skills and training, the Government has partially reversed previously announced cuts to traineeship incentives.  This reversal applies to occupations on the Priority List, so retaining Travel Consultants on this list is a significant victory for our industry.”

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