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Significant Recruitment Challenges Continue for Travel

The most recent Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) survey continues to show an industry-wide undersupply of suitably skilled workers.

The level of suitably skilled workers was found to be lacking across the board, with 84% reporting an undersupply of suitably skilled workers for travel consultants.  That number jumped to 100% in relation to travel agency managers, 67% for tour guides, and 45% reporting an undersupply of suitably skilled workers for sales, marketing, and business development roles.

The findings informed ATIA’s submission to the Government’s Skills Priority List for 2024 (, the critical process that guides funding support and projects for in-demand occupations.

ATIA’s ongoing work on skills and jobs has resulted in its successful inclusion as one of just five select experts in the Travel and Tourism Strategic Workforce Advisory Group.  This is part of the pivotal Roundtable for the Jobs and Skills Council for the Travel and Tourism Industry, facilitated by Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA).

ATIA’s influence extends beyond the immediate skills and training arena, with recent participation in consultations concerning the Passport Office’s governing legislation.  With Australia having one of the highest passport application fees globally, ATIA has provided critical feedback on the fee increase methodology to maintain affordable passport accessibility for Australians.

‘This is a decisive moment for the Travel Industry.  Being part of the Travel and Tourism Strategic Workforce Advisory Group enables us to directly voice the concerns and suggestions of our members, ensuring that the pressing needs for skilled professionals in our sector are not just heard but acted upon.’

‘ATIA continues to be at the forefront of advocacy and support for the travel industry, facilitating a collaborative approach to overcome workforce challenges and foster a prosperous future for all industry stakeholders.’

‘Our engagement with SaCSA and participation in government consultations underlines our commitment to advocate for a robust and accessible travel industry.  We are dedicated to representing the interests of our members and ensuring that Australians can continue to journey with ease.’


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