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Mainstream Media Profiling Delivers for ATAS Businesses

Each week, ATIA pitches to the most influential of Australia’s print, radio, and online media.  ATIA also shares media opportunities with members who have signed up for ATIA’s media roster.

Mike Dwyer, Principal, Main Beach Travel
‘ATIA’s media roster has proven to be a very effective initiative.  The media have confidence that if they want to run a travel piece, ATIA can connect them to industry “experts” for comment.  Being part of this roster has resulted in me becoming a regular commentator on local ABC radio for all things travel-related.  Keep up the good work, ATIA, and I encourage more agents to put themselves forward.’

Donna Meads-Barlow, Managing Director
'Belonging to the Australian Travel Industry Association and being part of the ATIA media roster is more than just a membership; it's an affirmation of our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and shaping the future of travel where every journey we report on shares our professional, enriching experiences and enduring connections.'

Simon Bernardi, Managing Partner
‘Being on the ATIA media roster is a great opportunity not only to promote your business to a wide audience, but it also gives you a platform to which you otherwise would not have access.  The roster creates the opportunity to give your advice and opinions on issues that impact our industry.  We have received wonderful feedback from our participation on the roster through trade partners and colleagues, as well as generated new customers and enquiries.  If you get the opportunity to participate, grab it with both hands.  Thank you, ATIA, for allowing us to participate.’

Andrew Gillard JP, Managing Director
‘Being part of the ATIA media roster offers significant media value for my company.  This includes educating the public about our role in the travel ecosystem, addressing concerns and queries, enhancing public understanding, and promoting our expertise and professionalism.  Being featured in media outlets allows travel advisors to promote their own companies, as well as ATIA, elevating our individual profiles and strengthening the reputation and visibility of the association within the travel industry.’

‘Delivering value for our members remains at the heart of everything we do at ATIA.  Through our mainstream media profiling, we are not just highlighting the best of the Australian travel industry but also underscoring the importance of professional advice and personalised service that our members provide.’

‘It’s about showcasing their expertise on a national stage and ensuring that ATIA continues to be a driving force in championing the success of our members.’

‘The most powerful way of showing the value of choosing an ATAS business is through our members, themselves.  Our ATIA Media Roster allows us to respond with the necessary speed to incoming media requests as well as showcasing the awesomeness our members deliver each and every day through our weekly pitching to the major media outlets across the country.’


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