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ATIA Celebrates International Women’s Day With a Look to the Future

As the letters make their way back to their authors, ATIA is proud to reflect on the significant role women play in the Travel Sector and the ongoing progress towards creating an inclusive, equitable, and supportive industry.


‘With women making up 72% of the Travel Sector’s workforce, holding 74% of middle management positions, and representing 50% of our senior leaders and owners, Travel is one of the most female-dominated sectors.  ATIA is proud to be reinforcing the benefits of this every day of the year in our advocacy work.’

‘Our Women in Travel Summit provided an important forum to capture insights, which have informed ATIA’s approach and allowed us to capture the unique reasons for the Travel Sector’s approach, which supports such strong gender equity.  We look forward to hearing from attendees once they have opened their letters to themselves about how far they have advanced in the past 12 months.’

‘As we celebrate International Women’s Day, ATIA invites members and the broader community to join us in acknowledging the invaluable contributions of women to the travel industry and to continue working towards a truly inclusive future.’

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