Our FAQs address the following topics and seeks to help answer questions you may have about the association rebranding to the Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA)

1. Summary of changes

You’ll see answers to specific questions below in our more detailed FAQ, but here’s a brief rundown for busy people. 

  • We are now the Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA). The new name is representative of our member base and will allow us to send a clear message to Government, consumer groups and other key stakeholders that we are representative of everyone in the travel industry.   

  • We have established a formal engagement structure for independent agents, independent contractors and tour operators / wholesalers. Each will have a caucus, and more information is here  

  • New Individual Membership. Previously only businesses could be members via ATAS accreditation (linked to ATAS page). We’ve now launched an individual membership to give people the opportunity to join their association and be counted. With it comes access to a new online community called the travel exchange, content and benefits that will grow into the future. Click here to find out more.   

  • ATAS will be enhanced with the establishment of the ATAS Advisory Committee consisting of representation of those business categories that can be accredited.   

2. Why is the name changing?

COVID showed that the Association must evolve to truly represent the entire travel sector, allowing us to be stronger together and speaking as one voice. We have reviewed how each member presents themselves to the public and found that of 4,000 business names used by ATAS businesses, only 14 (0.0035%) use the term ‘agent’ or ‘agency’ in their name or branding.   

ATIA has been created in response to member feedback to empower and support Australia’s Travel Agents, Travel Businesses, Tour Operators and Wholesalers. ATIA builds on AFTA’s focus on enforcement and compliance through ATAS. It will allow us to drive better engagement with each member and as a result develop better policy and membership services.   

3. Does this mean you no longer represent Travel Agents?

We will absolutely continue to represent travel agents as we have done successfully in the past, and we can assure you that there will be no changes to this.  The only difference is now having a name that is inclusive and reflects our complete membership base, and this makes us stronger together.   

We have also established a dedicated caucus for independent travel agents and independent contractors / home based agents. This will allow agents to have even greater say into the activities of the Association. Click here for more information.  

4. What does this mean for the advocacy work AFTA does?

Rebranding our Association to ATIA puts us in a position where we can improve our advocacy on your behalf with a stronger and clearer voice. Advocacy to Government and other industry stakeholders such as IATA is a key pillar of the Association, and we have championed the role of Australian travel businesses to Governments for over 60 years.    

With the new name now reflecting our membership base, we are sending a clear message to Government that travel’s peak body is representative of everyone in the travel sector as we work together to stimulate, encourage and promote travel while promoting the highest standards of excellence, service and professionalism.    

Because of this, we are in a better position to demonstrate to government the importance of the travel sector and advocate for policy outcomes that capitalise on the potential of the travel sector.  

5. What will happen to ATAS?

There are no changes to the Code or Charter of ATAS or how the scheme operates.    ATAS remains the standard for all travel businesses, and it is compulsory to be a full member of ATIA.   
If you’re reading this as a non-ATAS business and would like to find out more about the scheme, click here   
As announced in July this year at the AGM, discussions are currently underway with to establish the ATAS Advisory Committee which will feature representatives from all segments that are eligible for ATAS accreditation.   

We are also enhancing the benefits available to ATAS Accredited businesses.  Click here to learn more.

6. What is ATIA doing to promote ATAS accreditation?

We have updated the website to include new videos, factsheets and blogs.   ATAS businesses should update their listing to ensure the hundreds of thousands of consumers visiting can find your ATAS business.   


7. Will my ATAS membership number change?

No, you will continue to use your same ATAS number when advising suppliers and other businesses of your ATAS Accreditation.

8. Do I need a new ATAS certificate?

Certificates will be updated via the 2024 renewal. If you would like to request a new ATAS certificate please contact the team via

9. Do I need to remove the AFTA logo from my website / marketing collateral?

Yes.  New ATAS assets have been made available at  Log into the website and navigate to the ATIA / ATAS logo's page in Member Services.    
Being ATAS accredited means you are eligible to display the ATAS and ATIA logos.  

10. What do I do with AFTA sticker on my shopfront window?

It should be removed. Since 2012, all stickers displayed in shopfront windows should be “ATAS Travel Accredited”. If you would like a new sticker, please contact our team via

11. Will my ATAS fees increase?

No.  ATAS fees will continue to be based on your annual gross TTV.  Refer to our fee schedule here.

12. What is ATIA individual membership about and why should I join?

It's no secret that many people love and cherish the travel industry. It’s an industry containing amazing people, career pathways and, of course, opportunities to explore our world.   A strong association should offer a home for industry people that remains open to them regardless of what they’re doing in their life and career.   Becoming a member means joining from the very beginning and playing a part in making membership something truly special.   Click here for more information on Individual Membership.



12. Is ATIA Individual Membership a form of certification or accreditation?


It’s a membership of your Association and you agree to abide by the rules set within the Constitution and other rules. The membership is to assist in networking, learning and contributing to the culture of the travel industry.  

It is not to be used to demonstrate standards, only affiliation with the peak body for the industry for you as an individual.  

Businesses are not eligible to say they are a member of ATIA if they are not ATAS accredited.   

13. Can I be a member of ATIA and not ATAS accredited?


There are two types of membership. The first is for businesses, achieved via compliance with ATAS accreditation. The second is our new membership for individuals, and is open to anyone with an interest in the industry.   Click here for more information. 

14. I'm already an ATAS Member. Do I also need to become an Individual Member?

No.   But please be aware that:  
Businesses that become ATAS accredited automatically become ATIA members, unless we’re told otherwise. As stated elsewhere, nothing changes in this regard. People who are the ‘primary contact’ at a business for ATAS accreditation will automatically be added to the Travel Exchange, our online community, and be able to access our ATAS content such as webinars through a new and improved website.  
Individuals are separate, and membership is aimed at yourself, others in your business and the wider industry. These members receive access to different content and different areas of our online community.  

15. What are Caucuses?

The main feedback we received in the last two years was that formal structures of the Association did not reflect the membership. It was believed that this meant the activities of the Association did not address the issues expressed by the broader membership.    

The caucus structure has been chosen as a platform because it does not have a formal hierarchy. It will allow for the members of each caucus to collaborate, network and define advocacy objectives.  

To increase the engagement of the membership, we have established three Caucuses.   

  • Independent Travel Agencies 
  • Independent Contractors
  • Tour Operators and Wholesalers.  
Click here to register.